Fall Editorial 2016

For most of us, an orchard is the most iconic image of fall.

We know the picture well: a picket fence traces the horizon, signaling the end of seemingly row after row of crisp apples; and at the end of the day, with a warm and sugary donut in hand, we find respite in the toasty barn after a long afternoon of wandering.

Every Michigander has her own orchard memories. My favorite memory took place in 1999 when I visited a local orchard with my first grade class. I ran around the farm in a frenzy, petting animals and collecting apples as my cold, hurried breath tried to keep up with me. I remember when the farmer dared the class to try fresh goat's milk, and I was her only taker (I learned that I prefer my goat's milk in cheese). It's amazing what sticks with us, isn't it?

My mom likes to remind me that we got stuck in the muddy road leaving the farm. The soupy earth flooded the tires of our old Mercury (i.e. the "big merc," as coined by my dad), leaving us in a pretty dire situation. It all turned out fine (I'm here, aren't I?), but my selective memory often foregoes this dirty detail of my trip to the orchard back in 1999.

We look back on these fall afternoons spent grazing on apples with rosy retrospect, but we may have forgotten the dirt encrusted on our boots.

What I'm trying to say is that "the orchard" isn't as scenic as we want it to be. Parents realize this as they coax the stubborn donut sugar off of their child's hands and kiss their knees after they trip on the root of an apple tree.

So for this fall season, Rock Paper Scissors offers something a little more... grounded.

We don't mean to completely taint the picturesque scenery of an orchard. Instead, inspired by 90's grunge farm-to-fashion, we offer a semi-muddier version colored by dark lips, leather, and ugly-cute denim. We keep the romance, but ditch the polish; illuminate the nostalgia, without losing sight of reality.

As you can see, fall is just as beautiful--mud and all.


This editorial was styled in partnership with Jaimie Skriba. We would like to thank her for her immense talent and clear vision. Check out Hanne Gaby Odiele's street style for another glimpse of our inspiration for this editorial.

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