Make the most of your closet.

Ask 1 of our 2,000 consignors how they have done it!

We accept consignment drop offs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday -no appointment necessary!

Your clothing and accessories are on the floor for 60 days.

Want store credit? Receive 50% of the selling price. Want a check? Receive 40% of the selling price. Stop in anytime for your payment--checks are written any day, any time.

Feel free to call ahead for your written and ready check. However, you may want to shop around before you cash out: you receive an additional 10% of the selling price if you use in-store credit.

We offer the ability to manage your consigned items online. Upon your first consignment drop-off, you will receive a login number and password through your e-mail. Current consignors can sign in here.

Did you forget your password and login number? Contact us and we will send you an e-mail refreshing your login information.