Andrea Beck-Lundskow

Rock Paper Scissors is my go-to place for unique and fun pieces. They carry a variety of sizes, and their pieces are always organized and curated so well. I love that they will take my discarded clothes, consign some and donate the rest so I don't have to go through the extra step of donating. I can easily access my account online to see my balance. The staff are always so friendly and often recognize me, which should tell you how much I pop in there! Consigning with RPS has offered me a way to constantly refresh my wardrobe. Grand Rapids is lucky to have such a gem.

Gerri Goulet

I discovered RPS two years ago on my way to yoga class and have been a devoted shopper ever since, and a consignor many times. Consigning is always so easy, and the stylish sales forces remembers my name and will let me know if I have X number of dollars on my account, just in case I find something (and I almost always do). Yummy purses, other accessories, and shoes are my best finds--I love them!


Rock Paper Scissors' inventory has diverse sizes and is nicely priced. I like their evening events. They have wonderful art pieces--I love the window installations. The staff is friendly. They know me by name and are knowledgeable about clothing and brands. The store appeals to multiple generations: Boomer, Gen-X, Millenial--I've seen them all shop there.  I can also grab some lunch across the street at Marie Catrib's and get a tea from next door at Global Infusion. I hate to perpetuate heinous manufacturing business models, so buying secondhand makes me feel not so wasteful. The times I interact with the staff go beyond just shopping. Rock Paper Scissors always makes my day.