5 Easy Steps to Make Your Own Hanger Curtain

Who says that hangers are for clothes?

If you have been in our store lately, you may have noticed our new window fixtures. From used wire hangers, we created a curtain for our windows. Instead of clothes, we hung tassels and paper cranes, and we plan on adding more fun trinkets as we settle into fall. In your own home, you could hang your favorite photos with mini clothespins or even a few fun pairs of socks. The options are endless!

Here's how to make your own hanger curtain:

1. Supplies

You will need:

1. Wire hangers. We asked Sheldon Cleaners for their old hangers, and they were happy to share!

2. Spray paint. Choose a color combo. To match our store, we chose gold, pink, and white.

3. Wire. The finer the gauge, the better. Pro tip: the higher the number, the thinner the wire (we used 22 gauge).

4. Thread. The thread is optional--you can adorn your hanger curtain however you like!

2. Wrap

After you spray paint your hangers, lay your hangers down on a flat surface. Wrap the hangers together with the wire, and try to keep the curtain as flat as possible.

We attached the first 5 hangers before we placed them in the window and added the rest after that.

3. Place

Place the hangers on eyelet hooks or small nails. We measured the window so that the curtain would hang symmetrically.

4. Wrap again

Continue to wrap the hangers together until you have your desired length and width.

5. Decorate

Now for the fun part: decorate! Choose whatever trinkets you want to place in your curtain. We made paper cranes (rock paper scissors... get it?) and delicate tassels to highlight the soft pink hangers.

There you have it: your very own hanger curtain! Send us a picture of your curtain to receive 20% off your purchase and a shoutout on Instagram and Facebook.

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