Consignment Contract and Terms:

Rock Paper Scissors Consignment Boutique appreciates your business, and as one of our valued consignors, we are committed to selling your items at the best possible price. So that we may operate most efficiently, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the following terms and conditions:

Consignment Consignor authorizes Rock Paper Scissors, hereafter referred to as RPS, to sell all or any portion of the goods consigned for the best possible price. The consignor is the owner of all the goods consigned to RPS and has the legal right to enter into this consignment agreement. All goods are saleable and/or free and clear of any liens or other claims. All garments must be clean, odor free and in exceptional condition. No exceptions. RPS will not consider more than 20 items per week per consignor.

Pricing Suggestions for pricing of consigned items are welcome, but final authority of selling price is exclusively that of RPS. RPS reserves the right to change the price of any consigned item, at any time without notification and at our own discretion.

Term The consignment period is 60 days. This period begins when the item is placed on the sales floor. During the 60 day consignment period, items may be marked down. Consignors may request the return of items before the end of the 60 day consignment period at any time during the 60 days. RPS does not contact consignors to alert them about discounts, or when items are expiring. Expired items are donated. Tax donation receipts are available upon request.

Operation Consignors may drop off items on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays or by appointment unless otherwise indicated by RPS.

Proceeds In all cases where consigned items are sold within the consignment period, the consignor will receive payment in the amount of 40% of the sale price of the item or 50% where store credit is requested. Payments must be requested within 365 days of last account activity, after such time the proceeds become property of RPS and are forfeited by the consignor. Checks issued to consignor must be cashed within 90 days and will not be re-issued for any reason.

Online Consignor Access Consignors are provided with online consignor access to their account information, specifically: sales, inventory, status, and consignment dates. A $1 service fee is deducted from the consignor account each month that the consignor has active inventory. RPS does not contact consignors when there is account activity.

Non-saleable Items RPS reserves the right to donate or dispose of at any time any item that is deemed not saleable without notifying the consignor or providing a reason for doing so. Non-saleable items can be, but are not limited to, damaged, stained, torn, discolored, off trend or season or malodorous.

Sales and Markdowns Reasons consigned items may be reduced in price include but are not limited to: Store Specials, Sales, Standard Markdowns, or at discretion of RPS. The standard markdown schedule is: after 30 day 30%, after 37 day 50%, 2 weeks prior to expiration an item will be marked down 70% or to $5. RPS may extend the consignment period and/or mark down further at our discretion and without contacting the consignor.

Risk of Loss We give the utmost care to your consigned items, however, the consignor leaves all items at his or her own risk. RPS assumes NO LIABILITY for loss, destruction or damage of any kind to consigned items including without limitation fire damage, water damage, loss  and theft. No compensation will be given in these instances.

Indemnification If any item provided for resale by the consignor to RPS is found to be counterfeit or if RPS incurs liability as a result of the sale of such an item, the consignor agrees to indemnify RPS for any damages including and all judgments, fines, and liens.

By signing I agree to the above conditions and enter into this contract with RPS:






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