Meet The Artist Who Designed Our New Logo

If you haven't seen the last post about our new logo, check it out here! We absolutely love the new logo, and Eight Thirty Four Design & Marketing made it happen.

Read the interview below for exclusive intel on Eight Thirty Four, the inspiration behind the logo, and the talented designer who made it happen.

Without further ado, meet Eight Thirty Four's creative director and designer: Julie Sheeran!

Q: So how did you get into graphic design?

J: I have always been nerdy-artsy. My high school offered a graphic design class, so I learned how to use all of the Adobe programs. From there, I didn't know what I wanted to do in college. I was afraid to tell my parents that I wanted to get an art degree, but they thought that it was a super cool idea.

I explored different programs offered in Michigan, and I thought that Grand Valley's program was by far better than anything that I had looked into. 

During school I met Adrienne Wallace, a digital strategist at Eight Thirty Four, and she offered me a design internship. At the internship, I guess what I learned is that it's about who you know, but not about who you happen to know--it's about who you make an effort to know. Always having your eyes and ears open--asking yourself, what's going on? Where are the opportunities?

Adrienne actually hooked me up with my first job after college. She had a friend in the marketing department at Williams Distributing. I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position when I graduated. I was there for three years and worked as the head of design and took over a marketing management role as well.

I guess what I learned is that it’s about who you know, but not about who you happen to know—it’s about who you make an effort to know.

Last summer, Kim and Adrienne from Eight Thirty Four reached out and told me that they were looking into bringing in a creative director. They needed one, but the position hadn't been established yet--what exactly would that person do? It was a bit of a struggle at first, and I think that's worth noting. If you don't struggle, you don't improve. The struggle is what makes you appreciate the success.

Q: So what exactly is Eight Thirty Four?

J: We are an integrative communications firm. People like to say that they're an integrated communications firm, but we actually do all possible possible parts of the campaign by managing everything in house. We operate as the entire marketing department for a client even though we aren't physically there. We manage social media, content, custom web design, identity packages, print design, digital design, and all of the publications. When you put all of those elements together, they work a whole lot better.

It was a bit of a struggle at first, and I think that’s worth noting. If you don’t struggle, you don’t improve.

Q: What's your favorite part about working at Eight Thirty Four?

J: The team. We spend more time with each other than anybody else. We work very hard and we probably work way too much. If you're the only one working late it can be lonely, but when you feel like everyone else is putting in the same effort, it makes it so much better.

Q: What was your inspiration for our logo?

J: Definitely your space--the way you guys decorate it, the clothing you carry. I got there and I knew. I didn't necessarily have a symbol in mind, but I had a feeling I wanted to communicate... crisp but muted, modern yet elegant. You mentioned triangles, and then it hit me: triangle hangers!

Q: What did you enjoy the most about collaborating with us?

J: Working with your staff. We get all types of clients in all different industries, and it was very cool to work with you guys. I love fashion, and having a similar interest was pretty cool. We don't always get projects that apply to me as a person beyond a creative director.

Q: Where do you like to shop in Grand Rapids? (other than RPS, obviously)

J: Many places! Gina's Boutique downtown. Also, there is a shop on Division called Woosah Outfitters. The owner Erica is a printmaker turned apparel artist. 

Q; How would you describe your style?

J: I am really into earthy colors. Tan is my favorite color! I like flowy and floral pieces, so maybe a little boho as well. I like more timid attire.

Q: Last but certainly not least--where is your favorite place to get a drink in Eastown?

J: There are so many! But I would say the Green Well patio. They have such good food and they always have great beer on tap. They're not super expensive, and their environment is so nice.

Thanks Julie!

Check out Eight Thirty Four's website to learn more about the many services they offer--we highly recommend them.

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